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One of the best ways for children to learn is through hands-on experiences. And while having fun! Both of these aspects of learning can be achieved through educational board games.

Help your children learn the concept of rules, following the rules and the moral problems that may arise when breaking a rule. What is right and what is wrong. Enhance constructive, cognitive and logical reasoning. Learn to plan ahead, to detect patterns and improve reasoning skills.

Perhaps most importantly, help your children gain social skills by playing board games, learn humility and how to be humble.

Read through this list and increase your child’s learning while spending quality time with the rest of the family!

10. Mattel Blokus Family Game

Blokus plays up to 4 players and ages 6-7+ and up.

Each player gets 21 blocks of different colors – red, blue, green, or yellow. Each player takes turns placing their blocks on the board. The goal is to get as many of your pieces onto the board as possible. When no one can place more blocks the game ends. Everyone counts the blocks they have left. The player with the fewest blocks left wins the game!

Blokus is a strategy game that helps cognitive skills and logical reasoning. This colorful educational board game is very easy to learn and has a lot of depth to offer. Because of the depth, it’s a fun board game for all ages

Educational board games for kids Blokus
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9. Mapominoes

Mapominoes is a board game for 2-5 players. This board game is for children of 6-8+ years and up. It’s fun, easy to learn, educational and has loads of replayability.

In the European version of Mapominoes, you build a map of Europe by connecting countries that share the same border.

Play all your country cards to win the game! Block opponents by holding on to certain countries that block off other players from connecting borders.

This board game is designed so even young children with no geographical knowledge can play. All cards have text written and flags and images to illustrate each country. So Mapominoes is a great educational board game where young children can learn about geography.

Mapominoes educational board game for children
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8. Qwirkle Strategy Board Game

Qwirkle is an educational strategy board game for kids. It plays 2-4 players and ages 6+ and up. The game has no plastic or paper components. The tiles are all made out of robust wood.

In this board game, you create columns and rows trying to match colors and shapes. Similar to Scrabble you can combine new tiles with existing tiles on the board to score higher points. The player with the most points wins the game.

Qwirkle combines logic and strategy and is fun for the whole family.

Qwirkly strategy board game for kids
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7. Pizza Party Game

An action dice game featuring pizzas! This game is suitable for children ages 6+ and plays up to two players.

Each dice have different toppings on it. Both players get six pizza slice cards. The cards are faced down with one active slice faced up. They then roll the dices to match the toppings of the slice. Brilliant!
Play through each of your six slices one at a time. When a slice is topped up the player needs to shout “Mama Mia! (with an Italian accent). Then go on to play a new pizza slice.

This is a fast, fun and light game that your whole family will enjoy.

Pizza Party Board Game
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6. Labyrinth

The a-maze-ing board game that even you played as a kid growing up!

Race for treasures in a maze looking different after every turn. Push tiles to clear the path to a treasure while trying to block off other players on their way to a treasure. Be the first to collect all your treasures and win the game!

Labyrinth plays 2-4 players and is suitable for ages 7+ and up.

Classic Board Game Labyrinth
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5. Monster Bingo

Monster Bingo is all about colors and shapes. Your kids will enjoy the cute and funny monster illustrations featured in this board game.

This game is two games in one. In on you match colors and shapes of monsters on the bingo board. In the other, you have a rolling dice containing shapes and colors. The goal is the same: get a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row of monsters to get a bingo! and win the game.

Educational board games for kids Monster Bingo
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4. Sum Swamp

Sum Swamp is an addition and subtraction board game. A great way for your children to reinforce mathematical skills by playing board games.

The game takes place in a swamp where players move around to reach the final destination. Numbers are created by rolling the dice. The player then moves the number of steps reflecting the sum value, along the game board.

Sum Swamp plays 2 to 4 players ages 5+ and up.

Educational board games for kids Sum Swamp
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3. The Family Treasure Hunt Game

This board game is an immersive adventure board game for the smallest ones in the family.

Let your children discover their imagination through a treasure hunt adventure. Brainy clues and captivating challenges. Collect coins by advancing on the trail and cracking clues. Collect the gold coins in the loot bag. The hunt ends when the final hidden treasure is uncovered!

This little educational adventure game offers a lot of replayability as it contains 100 different riddle cards that are placed on top of the game board. With so many combinations no treasure hunt will ever be the same. All cards come with text, pictures, and full-blown riddles!

The Treasure Hunt Game for the whole family
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2. OK Play

Fun, addictive and colorful. Stacks and stacks of fun! OK Play plays up to 4 players and is suitable for ages 7+ and up.

Each player chooses a stack of colored tiles. You then try to get a row of five tiles. All players try to block each other’s attempts of building rows.

This game is quick to learn, less than a minute, and only takes 15 minutes to complete. This game has a clever and sturdy design that you can enjoy everywhere. On the bus, on the airplane or at home by the kitchen table.

OK PLAY game for kids
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1. Best of all educational board games for kids is: Match And Spell: Next Steps

Match and Spell Next Steps is the second installment in the Match and Spell educational board game for kids series.

This game is aimed at children aged 5+ and over. Next Steps helps your children develop more advanced reading and spelling skills.
Each player builds different words of different length and difficulty. Children are encouraged to make individuals sound in pronouncing letters and whole words as they lay words out on the board.

Match and Spel Next Steps can be played as an individual singe player mode and multi-player with other friends or family members. An excellent board game to train literacy for children.

Best Educational board games for kids Match And Spell: Next Steps
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Bonus Entry ♥ – Match and Spell

Match And Spell is the perfect first reading and spelling words board game. This is the first installment in the Match and Spel educational board game series. Improve literacy for the smallest one through this fun educational board game. Recognize letters, basic phonetics, and word building. Match images with the words. The words in Match and Spell have a maximum complexity of up to 4 letters.

Introduce letters, sounds, and words to your children in this progressive board game that evolves the more your kids learn.

Get Match And Spel together with the advanced version Match And Spell: Next Steps.

Match and Spell
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